FAP Training & Collaboration Sites

Since 2003, Family Acceptance Project (FAP) has provided education and training for more than 85,000 providers, families and religious leaders to help families to prevent rejection and promote well-being for LGBTQ children and youth. States and communities where FAP has provided education and training are shown in red on the map below. FAP routinely trains on our family support approach across the U.S. and in other countries.

This map also includes collaboration sites where we are implementing FAP’s Family Support Model in diverse care systems in collaboration with Detroit’s Ruth Ellis Center to increase family support for LGBTQ youth and families in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems; with Santa Clara County’s Bill Wilson Center to reunify homeless LGBTQ youth and families; with Provo, Utah’s Flourish Counseling Services to reduce risk for suicide, depression and ejection from the home and to increase well-being for LGBTQ youth in faith-based mental health services; and with the University of California - San Francisco’s Adolescent and Young Adult Clinic at Mount Zion to integrate FAP’s family approach into primary care services.



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