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Training, Consultation & Program Development

We provide training and consultation to enable families, providers, clergy, religious leaders, agencies and systems of care to use the Family Acceptance Project’s (FAP) family support strategies, resources and intervention model – which are based on our extensive research and intervention work – with diverse families, foster families and caregivers to decrease their LGBT children’s risk and to promote their well-being.

Our trainings are tailored to meet family, provider, community and institutional needs, and may include such topics as:

  • Engaging Families to Prevent Suicide & Homelessness for LGBT Youth
  • Helping Families, Foster Families & Caregivers to Support LGBT Children & Youth
  • Developing & Implementing Family-Based Services for LGBT Children & Youth
  • Engaging Families as Allies to Promote School Safety, Support & Wellness for LGBT Students
  • Helping Clergy & Congregations to Provide Support for LGBT Youth & Families
  • Using the FAPrisk Screener in Prevention and Care

We customize training for your agency, institution, congregation and community.
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