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Training, Consultation & Program Development

We provide training and consultation to enable families, providers, religious leaders, agencies and systems of care to use the Family Acceptance Project®’s (FAP) family support strategies, resources and intervention model – which are based on our extensive research and intervention work – with diverse families, foster families and caregivers to decrease their LGBT children’s risk and to promote their well-being.

Our trainings are tailored to meet family, provider, community and institutional needs, and may include such topics as:

  • Engaging Families to Prevent Suicide & Homelessness for LGBT Youth
  • Helping Families, Foster Families & Caregivers to Support LGBT Children & Youth
  • Developing & Implementing Family-Based Services for LGBT Children & Youth
  • Engaging Families as Allies to Promote School Safety, Support & Wellness for LGBT Students
  • Helping Clergy & Congregations to Provide Support for LGBT Youth & Families
  • Using the FAPrisk Screener in Prevention and Care

We customize training for your agency, institution, congregation and community.
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